Rut Bordés Garcia

Qualified teacher in Alexander Technique, trained in EUTOKIA method, Doula and Graduated in Reflexology. President of the Association EUTOKIA: HAPPY CHILDBIRTH and President of APTAE (Association of Teachers of the Alexander Technique,

Born in Barcelona in 1968. Mother of 3 children. After more than 10 years as a computer engineer, he decided to further his education towards a different and very nurturing environment. She has a degree in Reflexology, she studied Shiatsu one year and then decided to train as an Alexander Technique teacher, during three years at “L’Estudi, Alexander_Barcelona Technical Centre” ( ).

She has specialized in Eutokia with Ilana Machover in London ( Later, she trained as a Doula with Michael Odent, Liliana Lammers, Laura Gutman, Rae Davies, Manuela García, among others. Since then, she continues to expand its training to help in the so enriching process that is motherhood. He is a founding member of Doules Catalunya (

In her interest of continuing to improve as a professional, she is continuing her training at the Centre for Teacher Training TATBCN ( and regularly attends Ilana’s school in London.

Now she is member of both teams at the Institute Shen Dao and Néixer a Casa. She offers EUTOKIA: HAPPY BIRTH sessions, in groups or individual ones, for couples for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, as well as workshops for motherhood professionals. For those women who want it, she offers the service of Doula, for childbirth and postpartum, as well.

Rut speaks Castilian, Catalan and English.

Mobile: 675524628


Professional experience:

  • EUTOKIA workshop for Motherhood professionals in Barcelona, annual editions since 2012
  • Assistant of Ilana Machover in EUTOKIA workshop for Alexander Technique teachers in Limerick, August 2015
  • Assistant of Ilana Machover in EUTOKIA workshop for Alexander Technique teachers in London, April 2014
  • EUTOKIA workshop for Alexander Technique teachers in Barcelona in APTAE Association, April 2014
  • EUTOKIA workshop for Doulas in Madrid, December 2013
  • EUTOKIA workshop for Midwives in Lora de Estepa, November 2012
  • Assistant of Manuela Garcia in the workshop EUTOKIA Alexander Technique teacher in Barcelona, ​​August 2009
  • EUTOKIA workshops for pregnant groups and individual sessions in Barcelona since 2007
  • Alexander Technique group and individual sessions in Barcelona since 2007

Her academic career is:

  • Continuous training  at  TATBCN professional training centre (Terrassa, Barcelona)
  • Postgraduate in Alexander Technique at school “L’estudi”, September 2007 to March 2008
  • EUTOKIA Alexander Technique for pregnancy and childbirth training in “Queen’s Park” school (London) July 2007
  • Degree in Alexander Technique at school “L’estudi” (Barcelona) 2004-2007
  • First year Shiatsu training at the International Institute of Shiatsu, 2003-2004
  • Graduated in Reflexology in Alibey School (Barcelona), 2003
  • Engineer in Computer Science, University Autonoma of Barcelona, ​​1986-1991

Workshops attended:

  • Workshop with John Nicholls from New York in Terrassa, August 2015
  • Alexander Technique International Congress, August 2015, Limerick (Ireland)
  • Perineum and Movement, taught by Nuria Vives and Angels Massagué, December 2014
  • Psychological Issues of Traumatic Childbirth given by Ibone Olza in Madrid, January 2014
  • Workshop about perinatal mental health in Barcelona, ​​May 2012
  • Workshop “The dynamic voice” given by Ted Dimon in Barcelona, ​​November 2011
  • Workshop “Birth” taught by Laura Gutman in Barcelona, ​​2008
  • Course “Woman” with Rae Davies, Doula trainer. October 2008
  • Course FETAL LIFE, BIRTH AND HEALTH taught by Michael Odent and Liliana Lammers, November 2008