Eutokia Happy Childbirth

EUTOKIA: HAPPY CHILDBIRTH is a method for psychophysical preparation for Pregnancy, Childbirth and postpartum. The lessons are aimed at pregnant women to prepare her body to get a better body awareness, to recover their natural balance, to learn not to interfere in the body muscle chains and to allow movement to occur spontaneously.

The Alexander Technique helps us to improve movement and to better adapt to the changes in pregnancy, as well as specific movements for the different stages in labour and the postnatal period.


  • Use and Functioning-Introduction to basic principles of the Alexander Technique: What is a good body use? And a misuse? 
  • The Force of Habit-Friend or Foe?
  • Kinaesthesia-How does our movement information system work, and why is it conditioned by our habits?
  • The Primary Control-The importance of the dynamic relationship between head, neck and back
  • Basic Anatomy-Body Mapping. Where are our joints? Postural reflexes
  • The Startle Response-The Startle Response’s role on our habitual patterns of movement
  • Neurological Inhibition and Direction-The conscious mind as a tool to prevent poor patterns of movement and to create change


  • Basic concepts of the Alexander Technique-Strengthening the practice of habitual daily movements: sitting, standing, walking, bending, lying down, lifting weight, going up and downs stairs,…
  • Eutokia Movements for the second and third trimester of pregnancy
  • Breathing: Doing or Allowing? The whispered Ah
  • Birth Options: Natural Childbirth, Epidural, Episiotomy, Caesarean, movement options in Hospital
  • Eutokia for the First Stage of Labour
  • Breathing in Labour: The importance of the expiration
  • Eutokia movements for the second and third stage of Labour
  • Coping with Labour pain: Natural Comfort Measures
  • The partner role during the birth: How can the partner help? Movements with partner’s help, quality of touch, massage, …
  • Breast-feeding: The importance of the mother-baby contact during third stage for breast-feeding. Comfortable breast-feeding
  • Alexander Technique for the postpartum period: recovery of abdominal muscles and perineum