portada alexander technique book  EUTOKIA Book, by Ilana Machover and J. & A. Drake

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F.M. Alexander´s Works:

  • Use of the Self by F.M. Alexander (Orion)
  • Man’s Supreme Inheritance, Conscious Guidance and Control in Relation to Human Evolution in Civilisation by F.M. Alexander (Mouritz,
  • Articles and Lectures, articles, published letters and lectures on the Alexander Technique by F.M. Alexander (Mouritz)
  • The Universal Constant in Living by F.M. Alexander (Mouritz)
  • Aphorisms by F.M. Alexander (Mouritz,

Books on the Alexander Technique and related Subjects:

  • Thinking Aloud by Walter Carrington, edited by Jerry Sontag (Mornum Time Press,
  • Freedom to Change – The Development and Science of the Alexander Technique by Frank Pierce Jones (Mornum Time)
  • An Examined Life by Marjory Barlow (Mornum Time)
  • The Art of running by M. Balk (Ashgrove)
  • The Alexander Principle by Wilfred Barlow (Vista)
  • The Act of living by Walter Carrington, edited by Jerry Sontag (Mornum Time)
  • The Philosopher’s Stone – Diaries of lessons with F. Matthias Alexander edited and introduced by Jean Fisher (Mouritz)
  • Personally Speaking – Walter Carrington on the F.M. Alexander Technique in discussion with Seán Carey
  • Mind And Muscle, an owner’s handbook by Elisabeth Langford (Garant)
  • Only Connect by Elisabeth Langford (Mornum Time)
  • Curiosity Recaptured various authors, edited by Jerry Sontag
  • Art of Changing by Glenn Park (Ashgrove)
  • Not to do by Fiona Robb (Camon Press)
  • The Art of Swimming – A new direction using the Alexander Technique by Steven Shaw & Armand D´Angour (Ashgrove)
  • Alexander Technique As I See It by Patrick Macdonald (Rahula)
  • Indirect Procedures – A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique by Pedro de Alcantara (Oxford Press)
  • The Alexander Technique – A Skill for Life by Pedro de Alcantara (Crowood)
  • “Just Play Naturally” by Vivien Mackie in conversation with Joe Armstrong (Duende Editions)
  • The Voice Book by Michael McCallion (Faber and Faber)


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