Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique is a method of psychophysical re-education. It is a practical method that the teacher transmits through a smooth and accurate manual contact and through verbal instructions. It also shows the role played by our mental attitude and willingness in developing any activity, in order to restore a more balanced and efficient neuromuscular Organization.

FM Alexander
FM Alexander

• The art of using yourself better. Good use gives you confidence and allows you to get the most out of all daily activity: from sitting, walking, hoovering, dancing, acting, playing an instrument, swimming, living!

• A simple method of psycho-physical education that aims to find the body´s natural balance and freedom to move with ease; and once learnt, you don´t forget.

• A way to understand our bodies design to let it function how it knows from birth…

• A gradual but secure learning process, that help us recognise our own habits y how to stop interferint with our bodies innate intelligence.

A way of leaning to interact with the “other” without losing oneself; to learn how to be more present and aware wherever we are and whoever we share it with.

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